Our team

Doman metoda

Douglas Doman

Founder / Director of Expansion

As the Founder and President of Doman International Institute, Douglas Doman is the primary teacher of parents, and author of Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby and How to Teach Your Baby to Swim. He is the world's foremost expert on childhood mobility. He has worked with thousands of families to help their children with special needs for more than four decades and has lectured to professionals and parents in over 30 countries around the world. He has worked with families to help their children with special needs for more than four decades. As the son of Katie and Glenn Doman, the founder of the Doman Method™ and pioneer in the field of child brain development, Douglas works to expand his fathers legacy and the work of Doman International around the world.

Our executive team

A committed team of staff comes from a variety of different backgrounds of study, and will stop at nothing to help children. With many years of combined experience in the field of brain development, our staff is here to coach and guide parents on their rehabilitation plans for their children at home.

Spencer Doman, M.ED.

Chief Innovation Officer

Spencer creates and innovates new programs for child development. He holds a Masters in Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He teaches parents around the world about intellectual, cognitive, and speech development, and is in charge of all programs and training in this department. Spencer is Glenn Doman's grandson, and had the fortune to work with his grandfather and learn from him during the last seven years of his life.  

Rosalind Doman

Clinical director

Rosalind ensures that the families have the absolute best visit experience, oversees training of new staff, and is a lead instructor in teaching motor development for forty years. She was taught by Glenn Doman himself. She went on to have four children of her own, Marlowe, Spencer, Morgan and Noah doing a program with them. Rosalind is known for her years of expertise in child brain development combined with the practical knowledge of being a mother herself make her the best person to lead the entire clinical team.  

Morgan Doman

Managing director

Morgan oversees the day-to-day running of Doman International, ensuring that families are getting the best quality services at our parent training courses, at appointments and remotely. Morgan works to expand the reach of Doman International so parents from every continent on earth can be helped by the Doman Method™. Morgan is Glenn Doman's granddaughter.  

Clinical team

Melissa Doman

Director of mobility development

Melissa is in charge of all aspects of the programs pertaining to motor development for Doman International and helps with training new staff in this area. Melissa worked under Glenn Doman for the last seven years of his life.

Marlene Marckwordt

Director of respiratory development

Marlene is in charge of all aspects of Doman International's respiratory programs and oversees the implementation of customized dietary plans for our children. She has decades of experience in child brain development and trained directly under Glenn Doman.

Susanna Horn

Director of cognitive development

Susanna teaches all aspects of the intellectual program including social, cognitive and speech development. She speaks Italian and English and has the experience of over two decades working with us in teaching parents and helping families worldwide.  

Jordan Earnest

Mobility development staff coach

Jordan joined the Doman International team in 2017 from New Zealand, and is one of our clinicians specialized in the area of Mobility Development. Jordan was drawn to the work of Glenn Doman by the holistic, integrative and parent empowering approach of the Doman Method, that views the child and family as a whole, combining health, wellbeing, and relationships to create the best environment possible for them to reach their full potential. Jordan has many years of experience working with children, families, and parents, both through the Doman Method™ and in an Educational setting.  

Natasha Lunkina

Respiratory development staff coach

Natasha hails from Russia and has worked with our team for many years. She teaches the respiratory programs and coaches parents to teach their child effective respiration. With her degree in Education she has translated several of our books and information for parents from English to Russian.

Niyati Patel

Cognitive and respiratory development staff coach

Niyati is an Intellectual Department Programmer, she teaches our parents Social, Cognitive and Speech Development, along side Yoga Programs specifically designed for the wellbeing and needs of our children. Niyati has a background in Social Anthropology is a certified Yoga instructor and has many years of experience working with children, families and parents, both in a Doman Method™ and Educational setting.  

Korinna Attanasio

Doctor of chiropractic in applied kinesiology

Dr. Attanasio is a consulting chiropractor on our staff and helps with teaching our families specific techniques in Applied Kinesiology in order to promote better mobility.  

Health and nutrition

Dr. Aravind Bagade, Ayurveda

Director of health and nutrition

Specializing in traditional ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Bagade helps to not only teach Nutrition Plans to our families, but he also recommends traditional ayuvedic treatments to promote health and wellness in all of our children.  

Manuela Martini


Having worked with our team for years to help families, Manuela coaches families on how to give their children the very best nutrition plan, and specializes in naturopathy (essential oils, Bach flower, and traditional Chinese remedies, etc.).  

Coordination team

Emma Esperanza

Clinical manager

Being the primary point of contact for our families, Emma coordinates communication between the families and staff, receives all reports, and is in charge of overseeing the clinical schedule. She has years of experience working with families.  

Julee Mahon

Executive assistant to Douglas Doman/Travel manager

Julee's love of movement brought her to Doman International. Julee is the personal assistant to Douglas Doman as well as the Travel Manager. She provides administrative assistance to Douglas as well as books and sets the finishing touches on all staff trips. Julee can be found working on her computer, or dancing!  

Italian administrative team

Sara Balestri

Administrative assistant - Italy

Sara coordinates the accounts office and manages administrative documentation. She organizes our auditorium in Italy where conferences are held.  

Lucia Giorgi

Property manager

She coordinates the organization and maintenance of our structure in Italy. Lucia works at the Italian Institutes for over 28 years and is very available for the needs of families.  

Rosalia Gallardo

Administrative assistant/Spanish translator

She collaborates in welcoming families and she is helper person in the adimistrative office. As a mother tongue translator accompanies Spanish-speaking parents towards the path to enrollment in our courses. She works at the Italian Institutes for over 13 years.