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Created with decades of experience in child development

Decades of experience in child development has led to us to create our online training course "The Doman Method™ Course: From Special Needs to Wellness". This online parent training course is 4 weeks long, and our team of coaches will work with you to create a successful treatment program for your child. It includes 25 hours of lectures, 15 hours of live Question and Answer sessions with our Doman Method™ experts, and a personal Doman International staff coach who will answer all your person questions and guide you throughout the course. At the end of the course, you will have a full Doman Method™ treatment program for your child when you receive a one-on-one consultation where your Staff Coach finalized your child’s 6 month treatment plan.






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Consider taking The Doman Method™ Course

If your child is diagnosed with:


Learning Difficulties

Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delay


Brain Injury


Down Syndrome


Speech delay

Trisomy 21

Other genetic anomalies

What makes this course special

And what covered topics include

This online course consists of 25 hours of lectures taught by world-class experts specializing in the Doman Method, in nutrition, physical development, cognitive and speech development, sensory integration, respiration, nutrition and health. Lecturers use this knowledge by teaching them in an engaging, understandable and practical way for parents. Topics covered include:

Understanding the foundations of neurodevelopment and the Doman Method

What to do for the child's physical development and how this affects his cognitive and speech development

Sensory integration programs to treat your child's sensory problems

How to improve communication with your child

Cognitive and speech development programs for your child

The best Nutrition and diet recommendations for your child

How to properly assess your child and monitor his progress

How to start helping children at home

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