Coming for a visit

Guidance & treatment

Personalized teaching and coaching

The first step in helping your child with special needs is attending our elite parent training course "The Doman Method™ Course: From Special Needs to Wellness". It is designed to teach parents how to get their child developing toward wellness. The course teaches specific physical, cognitive, and physiological treatments that can be used to help your child.

Initial visit

After our parent training course, families return home to get started with a home treatment plan. Many families want to continue to receive personalized treatment design, teaching, and guidance from our team of staff. For these families, we created the Initial Visit. These visits are offered in various international locations throughout the year.

Every visit include

What to expect from initial visits

A full functional evaluation of the child by one of our trained staff

Physical measurements to track physical growth

A detailed developmental report completed by our staff

A functional diagnosis by one of Doman International's directors

A comprehensive, integrated six-month home treatment plan

An intellectual/sensory plan taught by one of our intellectual department staff

A physical development plan designed by our mobility staff

A full nutrition and supplementation plan created by one of our nutritionists

Each family is assigned a personal staff coach who makes sure questions are answered once they return home.

A final meeting with one of Doman International's directors to answer final questions and look toward the future

The goals of the initial visit

Treatment plan

Parents leave with the best treatment plan designed for their child

Boost of confidence

Parents understand the plan and feel confident that they can carry it out

Complete support

Parents feel completely supported by our team once they return home

Thorough answers

Parents' questions are answered thoroughly and promptly after returning home

Advanced Doman program

Families who return home after the initial visit, get started with their home treatment plan, and want to continue regular visits with our team join the Advanced Doman Program.

Families on this program return for regular six-month visits to have their children's progress assessed, and to have a new and more advanced treatment program designed at each visit. When families return home, they always have their assigned staff coach who is accessible to answer their questions as they arise, and to provide support and guidance toward achieving ultimate success with their home program.

Thorough evaluation and tracking

At each and every visit, the child is thoroughly evaluated and progress is tracked.

The parents are then taught the treatment plan for the next six months, and our team is careful to make sure each and every question is answered. Conferences in advanced treatment programs might be provided. Each and every child is evaluated and families are taught individually.

We agree to never give up on any child

The Advanced Doman Program is more than just a program, it's a lifestyle. Our families and staff work closely together to get maximum benefit for the child. Learn more by contacting us.