Cerebral palsy

and The Doman Method™

Cerebral Palsy is a neuro-developmental disorder

An individual who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy likely suffered from an event that took place before birth, during or after birth, which affected their brain development and function

When the brain is damaged, the individual can have a range of symptoms as a result. For children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, often the brain damage suffered can lead to symptoms such as poor speech and language development, sensory impairment, disorganization, poor fine and gross motor skills, visual impairment, shakiness, seizures and epilepsy, poor balance, lack of coordination, stiff muscles, exaggerated reflexes.

People diagnosed with cerebral palsy are not hopeless

In fact, they have shown great potential for improvement with a home-based program of stimulation and activity that improves brain development.

The human brain is able to change and rewire — this process is called neuroplasticity. The Doman Method™ program has been designed to help the brain develop through specifically designed activities. Nearly all children improve on a home program, and their symptoms reduce, or at times, disappear. Some children graduate from the Doman International program and join their well peers in school. Our goal for each and every child is wellness — well enough to look and function like everyone else, and succeed and be happy in life. While this is an incredibly challenging goal to achieve, our main objective is excellent results.

Join the thousands of
other families

Who have learned about the Doman Method™ and started helping their loved one with cerebral palsy

If you have a child or loved one diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you can begin a Doman Method program by attending our online parent training course called: “The Doman Method™ Course: From Special Needs to Wellness”. This online course teaches parents how to do a treatment program designed for maximum progress in cognitive, motor and speech development, as well as improved behavior, health and physiology. Should you have any questions about how we can help your family, you can contact Doman International worldwide representatives here.

Cerebral Palsy