Is your child not progressing fast enough?

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No progress?

Is your child not reaching developmental milestones?

No answers?

Do therapists not have answers for you and your child?

No results?

Are the “same-old” therapies not providing results?

Glenn Doman

Founder of the Doman Method™

Glenn Doman is best known for his groundbreaking work in child development, his bestselling books about The Doman Method™ and for teaching thousands of parents around the world about how to help their children with special needs get better. Thousands of children diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, epilepsy, learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, mental retardation, as well as Trisomy 21 and other genetic abnormalities, have been helped by his life’s work and mission.

Glenn Doman, with the help of his wife Katie, created new treatment programs for his patients that directly treated the the brain, rather than the symptoms. These patients progressed far faster and better than he had ever previously hoped.

Could the Doman Method™ help
your child with special needs?

Answers for children with a variety of diagnoses


Learning Difficulties

Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delay


Brain Injury

Down Syndrome


What makes the Doman Method™ special?

How is the Doman Method different from traditional therapies?

Integrative program

Cognitive, physical and nutritional help to maximize development.

Focus on brain function

The Doman Method™ focuses on improving brain development to help children with special needs thrive

It empowers parents

Knowledge and tools you can use this month to help your child.


Developed by Glenn Doman 60 years ago, The Doman Method™ works to improve itself daily

What parents have to say

They take the time to listen, understand, and provide the best support possible


Mom from US
Incredible experience, everything planned and organized perfectly, the amount of knowledge and eye-opening information was really inspiring

Ana Ivanovic

Mom from Serbia
My kid has shown improvement and hope has returned to our home

Anna Ericka De Alberti

Mom from Italy

The Doman Method™ has been used by families for



to help their children with special needs get better

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